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Building muscle as you age

As we age we obviously know our bodies change.  If you've taken the last 20 years off it's usually quite a shock to get back in shape.  However, nothing magically happens when we hit our 30's, 40's and 50's.  Usually its our bad habits and lack of exercise that lead to us being overweight and out of shape.  You wont be trading in you dumbbells and barbells for a scooter and some light resistance bands just because you're older.  Your body will bounce back.  If you're  considerably out of shape you will generally see an increase in muscle mass and body fat reduction fairly quickly.  If you're in shape than you'll just need to work out harder and smarter.  Just getting back into shape will not only change how you look but it will change your chemistry.   Don't let age interfere with your workout habits just back into the gym and get back to work.  If you need help you know where to find me and age really is just a number!

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