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Premier Choice Fitness Reviews

  • Personal Training near New Port Richey
  • Personal Training near New Port Richey
    Ashley Sampson
  • Personal Training near New Port Richey
    Jason Burke
  • Personal Training near New Port Richey
  • Personal Training near New Port Richey
  • I love the classes and the trainers are awesome,so motivating. I highly recommend this gym

    Ann Buonincontri
  • My home away from home!!! Love my trainer, Andy, and the whole staff!

    Catherine Ausdemore
  • Trainers are highly skilled there boot camp is awesome the trainer keeps u up beat while in session love it help me in my running an weight loss

    Flash Cunningham
  • I have had a lot of trouble with my weight loss and trying to firm up at the same time. jolt, Ms.Diane Jaymee,Lisa(china).. and many others have givin me the support and motivation to keep moving forward and fight back for my life !!

    Christy Swaye Sisenstein-Karraker
  • Great ppl, friendly, always helpful and courteous. All types workout here, Talk to Esther for personal training and nutrition she's great.

    Dan Storm
  • Quiet, clean and cool inside. Front desk people are polite and courteous.

    LeRoy Doyle
  • Great Silver Sneakers exercise program. Very energetic instructor

    Christine Ballano
  • Staff very friendly and helpful. Clean facility, daycare provided. Great classes! Highly recommend boot camp.

    Rose Marshall
  • This is not a gym. This is a place where bonds are made. This is not a Boot camp. It's a gathering of like minds wanting to mold themselves into something greater. Here you will make so much more then muscle gains. You will gain a family. You will gain a team of cheerleaders all routing for you to succeed. Here you will gain knowledge from coaches who will inspire you to challenge yourself farther than you ever dreamed possible. However, there will also be losses. In 2 months I have lost over 20 POUNDS. I have lost 4 INCHES from my waist. I also have lost the insecure part of myself in a puddle of sweat on the floor.

    You will find everything you are looking for in a gym here, but you will also find so much more. Hopefully a new strength within yourself you never knew possible. We love you Diane and Beth and Tom! Keep Premier Fitness Stong.

    Katherine Leigh
  • Personal Training near New Port Richey

    Great gym all the stuff u need to get real results staffs great they all know your name me and my wife have been going for a year and a half and haven't thought about leaving to another gym we work out together and have a 3 year old and the daycare there is awesome we love the gym and I'm guessing you will too

    J Cabral

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