Don't Believe The Hype

I recently stumbled across a social media page with tons of pictures of success stories with weight loss.   Bravo!   I had to think that I had done the same thing with my clients touting their success and mine.  So, I began to check up on many of my old clients who had lost a lot of weight and to my surprise many of them had kept the weight off and of course there were some who put all of it back on.    I used what I called nutritional manipulation to get me clients to be compliant and for them still have the ability to enjoy life without having a really restrictive diet but still getting to their goals.     Make sure that when you sign up at a gym and if you're paired up with a personal trainer that you get the results you want and that whatever nutritional assistance, they give you is that it is realistic.   Your diet should be one that you can live with and maintain over the course of your life.  Some of these diets are so restrictive they can't be maintained for the rest of your life, and they set you up for failure.  Have your trainer guide you through the nutritional aspects of this because this is where you'll see big results.  If they tell you they're a nutritionist run as fast as you can.  

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