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  • Don't Believe The Hype

    I recently stumbled across a social media page with tons of pictures of success stories with weight loss. Bravo! I had to think that I had done the same thing with my clients touting their success and mine. So, I began to check up on many of my old clients who had lost a lot of weight and to my surprise many of them had kept the weight off and of course there were some who put all of it back on. I used what I called nutritional manipulation to get me clients to be compliant and for them still have the ability to enjoy life without having a really restrictive diet but still getting to their goals. Make sure that when you sign up at a gym and if you're paired up with a personal trainer that ....

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  • Are you ready to quit ?

    February is here, and I know for a fact some of you are wondering why you're doing this. "This" being the gym thing. It's not working, and you're not making progress so what's the point. Last month I said you have to have a plan. A plan for your cardio, weightlifting and nutrition, if you don't than you're destined for a plateau or no progress. You have access to many resources that can help you. If you're doing well than you're in the minority as most are questioning why they even started working out again. They may not say it, but they are thinking it. Hire a coach, attend classes, talk to a certified nutritionist, go the gym with a buddy, join a boot camp or hire a knowledgeable personal ....

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  • Do you have a plan?

    Do you have a plan?

    It's the New Year and is this the New You? In order to get to the New You, you will need a plan. There's a lot of folks that have returned to the gym with this mindset however many of them struggle to achieve results because they don't have a plan. You need a plan for your nutrition, cardio and weights. Download a food tracking app and know how many calories you need to get to your goal weight, if weight loss is what you're trying to achieve. If it's to lift heavier, run faster or gain size talk to a trainer or download a fitness app to help. Attend fitness classes as they are all structured. A plan will help you make positive "gains" and it will also give you some positive feedback so you ....

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  • Importance of exercise order

    Here's a quick cheat sheet to show the importance of exercise order. 1. Start with compound movements-these are movements that work multiple muscle groups at one time- squat, bench press, deadlift, hip thrusts, overhead press and bent over row. 2. Multi-joint accessory movements that compliment your compound movements- lunges, deadlifts, shoulder press, single arm back rows and dips. 3. Isolation movements which require the use of one of the muscle groups- bicep curls, tricep extentions and should lateral raise. This is what I usually recommend to people who are looking for structure in their workouts. ....

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  • Not seeing gains?

    I'm working out but not seeing gains/improvements in my physique. This is the biggest issue with most gym goers, they're putting in the work but not seeing any noticeable physical changes. Here's what you should be doing. Working out 3-4 times a week, weightlifting and doing cardio, increasing any active rest i.e. walking the dog, yard work, etc....anything to burn more calories, track your macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates), limit refined carbohydrates, excess salt and try to eliminate sugar. This sounds easy but it is not. But this is also to key to seeing changes in your body. ....

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  • Upper and Lower Body Workout Days

    Upper and Lower Body Workout Days

    What are the benefits of the upper/lower body workout splits? 1. Weight loss when paired with a good nutritional plan. It can increase caloric expenditure in a week. 2. Muscle growth because you can target each muscle group and elicit enough stimulus for muscle growth. 3. Recoveryis essential for growth and to avoid overtraining. You get more frequent training, better recovery and more volume per muscle group in each of these split sessions. ....

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  • How to increase your bench press

    How to increase your bench press

    How do I increase my bench? A fairly common question in the gym. The first thing you will want to do is to make sure you have a strong lifting foundation. A solid lifting foundation is similar to building a house on a strong foundation and to make sure that you're symmetrically strong (the whole body is strong and balanced.) Lift with proper form. Many times we will see poor form when attempting to get a 1 rep max bench because the wrong muscles are firing because of lack of preparation. To increase maximum strength, you'll want to lift in the 1-5 rep range for 4-6 sets. You will want to take longer breaks in between sets (2-4 minutes) Make sure you train the surrounding muscles that help ....

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  • What should I bring to the gym

    The gym can be an intimidating place and even more intimidating if you're not used to it. Bring a bottle of water as water is probably the best thing for you. Avoid buying an energy drink that you're not used to so that you don't get sick. Stick with what you know. Pack a post workout protein drink as most gyms will either allow you put into their fridge or you could buy one on the way out. Do bring a hand towel to wipe down equipment and most of all lock up or keep your valuables on your person. Pretty basic but I am always fielding questions so be prepared and always have your workout organized. ....

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  • Key benefit of resistance training

    Key benefit of resistance training

    Resistance training promotes both strength and gains in both elderly and younger athletes. Regular exercise using weights/resistance training will improve strength, power and most importantly for the older athlete is functional independence. Another great benefit is reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Exercise is good for the body, mind and it will lower the likelihood of needing the healthcare system and reduce the need for prescription medicine. If you're exercising regularly than you're headed in the right direction. ....

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  • lose weight

    They're plenty of fad diets out there to help you use weight and one that I have tried lately is intermittent fasting. You will lose weight and not just water weight. You will lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. You will have reduced inflammation and you will feel hungry. It takes a little time to get used to it. They're several drawbacks besides being hungry. You could have headaches, fatigue and this will test your will power also. The 16/8 method is quite popular and you could also do a full 24-hour fast (twice a week) but you'll want to check with your doctor before that. The 16/8 is fasting for 16 hours and than eating healthy in an 8 hour window. You're already fasting for 8 ....

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