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    Good Afternoon, We have created a MEMBERS ONLY page on the website where daily workouts will be posted to help keep your fitness routine intact while the gym is closed due to COVID-19. We will also post any updates pertinent to the situation. In order to access the MEMBERS ONLY page, we will be sending an email with the username and password. Thank you for your continued support during these trying times! ....

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  • Multiple Benefits of Resistance Training

    Resistance training has benefits for the young and the aging population. It promotes both strength in both of these athletes and the improvements are not just seen in a visual sense. The improvements in skeletal muscle are associated with greater strength and functional independence and the reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Resistance training also lowers your chance of needing to use the healthcare system and lastly your improved health/fitness will contribute to less use of prescription drugs. Lifting weights has benefits across the board. If you're not lifting weights, you need to start for your muscles and your overall health regardless of your age! ....

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  • What's your plan?

    As we enter the month of March, I have noticed a significant drop off of fresh faces in the gym. We know every year millions of people who gave up exercising last year usually will return when the New Year starts. That's the good part the bad part is most of them are ill prepared for what it is they want to accomplish in the New Year. Why? Most of these folks lack a plan. A plan for their workouts, nutrition and cardio. Without this they wont see much in the results department. I see it every year, they join only to quit 2-3 months after joining because they're frustrated and not making progress. This really isn't that complicated. This is what I recommend if you want to lose weight and ....

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