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Are you ready to quit ?

February is here, and I know for a fact some of you are wondering why you're doing this.   "This" being the gym thing.   It's not working, and you're not making progress so what's the point.   Last month I said you have to have a plan.  A plan for your cardio, weightlifting and nutrition, if you don't than you're destined for a plateau or no progress.   You have access to many resources that can help you.  If you're doing well than you're in the minority as most are questioning why they even started working out again.  They may not say it, but they are thinking it.  Hire a coach, attend classes, talk to a certified nutritionist, go the gym with a buddy, join a boot camp or hire a knowledgeable personal trainer.   These are all game changers and yes some of them cost money, but it could be a wise investment to help you along the way of your health and fitness journey.    

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