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I know a lot of you guys are struggling maybe joined the gym,  never came or maybe you're not getting results.  If you need a little help,  rejoin the gym or if you never had a free personal training session-take advantage of it.  Most people don't take it and that's a huge mistake.  You usually hear someone say "I never knew that or I had no idea I was doing it wrong."    Use the session for insight for workouts,  measure of your body fat,  fixing your form on your favorite piece of equipment or if you need more help the trainer can definitely get you heading in the right direction or on a long or short term program to help speed things along for you.  Take advantage of free!  Remember gains are more than the growth of your biceps with COVID,  it's about the physiological processes that you cant see that occur in your body and mind.  Obesity is booming and linked to death and hospitalizations so get in here and get to work.

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