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You can do it "Sweetie"

You can do it "Sweetie"

It's the New Year and I know many of you are in the "New Year-New Me"  which most of do every year.   The New Years resolution that usually a hot item for about 3 months.   The reason for this is many of these resolutions are unrealistic and very hard to stick to.  Here is a simple resolution that you can do that you can stick with and have success with- eliminating sugar.   

Here are 10 healthy benefits of quitting sugar

* Better weight management

*Increased energy

*Decrease inflammation

*Better heart health

*Healthier liver

*Decreased risk of diabetes

*Reduced cravings

*Reduced risk of cancer

*Healthier skin

*Better mood and focus

Sugar is addictive!  It is in everything we eat not just sweets.  Think processed foods, salad dressing, yogurt, bread and pastas.  This is a simple and realistic goal for 2022.  You just need to pay attention to what you're eating and exercise regularly and you'll feel much better without having to completely overhaul your diet. 

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