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7 Minutes to get fitter?

7 Minutes to get fitter?

Covid has wreaked havoc on our schedules and most of us have probably gained weight.  I know a lot of folks are coming back to gym and sometimes life gets in the way.  If you can find 7 minutes of your day than I can help you.  You'll just need to have a bulletproof mindset to get through this workout.  You're not going to get swole but you will burn fat and build strength.  Some  movement is always better than no movement.  This is a fast moving circuit of aerobic/strength exercises and this isn't something that I came up with, it was the American College of Sports Medicine.   Using just body weight exercises can be enough,  squats, burpees, reverse fly, push ups and crunches.  I would set a timer for 7 minutes and execute 10 reps of each exercise,  than 9 of each exercise and 8 etc, etc.  You have to really move to get through this so if you're not in shape to do this you could actually go slower and you'll still be moving and improving.  Do yourself a favor if you ever say you to don't have time to exercise reach out to me and I can give you something to do!

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