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Fasting...to lose weight

They're plenty of fad diets out there to help you use weight and one that I have tried lately is intermittent fasting.   You will lose weight and not just water weight.  You will lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.  You will have reduced inflammation and you will feel hungry.  It takes a little time to get used to it.  They're several drawbacks besides being hungry.  You could have headaches, fatigue and this will test your will power also.  The 16/8 method is quite popular and you could also do a full 24-hour fast (twice a week) but you'll want to check with your doctor before that.  The 16/8 is fasting for 16 hours and than eating healthy in an 8 hour window.  You're already fasting for 8 hours when you sleep.  If you can stay disciplined you'll be on your way but this will take some real will power.  Do some more research on this and it might be something for you to consider.  I have lost 12 lbs in three weeks.  It works!

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