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What's your plan?

As we enter the month of March,  I have noticed a significant drop off of fresh faces in the gym.  We know every year millions of people who gave up exercising last year usually will return when the New Year starts.   That's the good part the bad part is most of them are ill prepared for what it is they want to accomplish in the New Year.  Why?   Most of these folks lack a plan.  A plan for their workouts, nutrition and cardio.  Without this they wont see much in the results department.   I see it every year,  they join only to quit 2-3 months after joining because they're frustrated and not making progress.   This really isn't that complicated.  This is what I recommend if you want to lose weight and improve your appearance.  Start tracking your food (use a food app) this is eye opening and is the key to your success.  Know how many calories your currently eating and than how many calories you need to eat to get to your goal.  Have your workouts written out so that you know what your working on and more importantly make sure that the workouts are applicable to what you want to accomplish.   Lift weights!   Do interval cardio to get the most out of those workouts! Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep.  Try to be better every time you come to the gym.   It can be one more rep, adding more weight to an exercise, running farther than the last time.  I promise if you do all of these,  you will see success.  Don't overcomplicate this.  It just take discipline to get to where you want to be.  Discipline and self motivation go along way in this journey.  The question is- do you have a plan?

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