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6 exercises other than the squat

Squatting is an essential function that most of us do everyday.  Some of us squat more than others and than there are those who regularly squat in the gym.  We all want good hip mobility and strength but also glute and hamstring strength.   While the squat is an adequate exercise to work these muscles however when done incorrectly it can create problems for the athlete in the knees or lower back.  So if you're struggling with this exercise or you're looking for some different exercises,  here's a few other options for you-

1. Glute bridge

2. Good mornings or hip hinge

3. Box step ups

4. Lateral (side to side lunges)

5. Reverse lunges

6. Kettle bell swings

All these exercise work the hips and legs in different way but with the same overall effect of building a better back side and athletic looking legs.  Change up your routine and try something different and you'll be surprised how effect these are.

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