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2021 Goals and being SMART

The New Year and you're probably thinking "New You?"   I am going to give you a little bit of advice on how to get that "New You."  Use the acronym SMART and this will simplify the process for you.  In the New Year many folks are fired up and ready to get back in the gym, start a New Diet or get that new fitness tracker working.  That acronym if used properly is there to remind you how to set a goal and map it out for you.

Your SMART  goal could be I am going  to walk 10,000 steps per day and lose weight

S- Specific- instead of saying "I'm going to exercise more", you say I'm going to burn 150 calories per walking session

M- Measurable- Your fitness tracker will tell exactly how many steps and calories.  You cant measure what you don't measure

A-Attainable- Make your goal is attainable and not some ridiculous number...If you average 8000 steps than you know you need to find the other 2000 steps to make it to your goal.     

R-Relevant-  Exercise/walking is relevant to weight loss and walking

T- Time bound- whatever your goal is for the week period.  It is always easier to commit to a goal and be successful, if you do for a set amount of time.  I am going to walk 10000 steps, five days a week

Remember your goals could  be "Get Healthy"  but that is not specific enough.  Stop smoking, start running more, lose weight,  eat less carbs, etc.....  Keep you eye on your prize and this will help you stay motivated and by the way there is plenty of technology that can help you achieve success too.

If you follow this plan you will be on your way to hitting you goals and without a plan, you will probably join the rest of the 92% of New Years Resolution-ers and fail!!







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